Are Shrink Sleeves Recyclable?

Answering the question of shrink sleeve recyclability

The short answer is no. Shrink sleeves themselves are not recyclable, and this is because of the material, but you can still recycle those cans. 

We primarily use PETG (glycol-treated polyethylene terephthalate), a better alternative to the previously used PVC (polyvinyl chloride) shrink sleeve material. However, while this material is technically recyclable, it's not PET recyclable (i.e. place it in your blue bin), meaning the recycling process is a little more complex. There's also a much higher chance that it ends up in the trash, but you can still save the can. To ensure it's recycled appropriately, you'll need to remove the plastic shrink sleeve covering.

Tip: you can request a micro-perforation on your sleeves. This is like a little zipper that allows end-users to easily remove the sleeve after use and dispose of it and then recycle the aluminum can.